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Through injury prevention, ergonomics, and job analysis, ErgoWorks provides customized solutions for employers in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas to improve employee productivity and job satisfaction, reduce worker’s compensation claims, and improve employee wellness.
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Prevent Injuries at Work

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Improve Employee Productivity

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Lower Injury Costs

Which Best Describes You?


Safety Managers & Directors

Tired of high recordable injury rates and worker's compensation costs? Discover how Minnesota-based ErgoWorks can help you reduce lost-time injuries and create a safer workplace.


HR Professionals

Tired of high employee turnover rates and healthcare costs? Discover how Minnesota-based ErgoWorks can help you reduce on-the-job injuries and improve employee satisfaction.

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Are You Tired of…

  • Lost productivity? 
  • High cost of injuries?
  • High turnover rates?
  • Absenteeism due to work injuries? 
  • Never-ending workers compensation claims?

It’s Time To Create a Culture of Safety in the Workplace

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Prevent Injuries at Work 

Our onsite therapists work one-on-one with employees in Minneapolis, Saint Paul and surrounding areas to reduce soreness and discomfort before an injury occurs, while our ergonomic assessment reduces the risk of future workplace injuries.

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Reduce Absenteeism

Help your injured employees return to the workplace ASAP with an effective Return to Work program and ensure that you have the ability to accommodate each employee.

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Lower Injury Costs

Our onsite therapists are licensed in Minnesota and utilize OSHA guidelines for first aid care, while our Job Analysis and Physical Abilities Testing help you hire employees whose fitness matches the job description.

We understand the frustration of losing employees for weeks, even months at a time due to on-the-job injuries.

That’s why we developed onsite injury prevention services — to keep employees healthy, happy, and at work.

How It Works

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1. Schedule a Discovery Call

Let us know you’re interested by scheduling a phone call with us.

Discovery Meeting

2. Hold a Discovery Meeting

We’ll get to know your company’s unique challenges in regards to injuries, ergonomics, hiring, and Return To Work.

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3. Get a Customized Plan Tailored to Your Needs

If you choose to partner with us, we’ll create a customized plan tailored to your unique needs to create a culture of health and wellness in your workplace.

A Better Way to Work

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At ErgoWorks, we believe every company deserves onsite injury prevention and health and wellness services. We understand the frustration of losing valuable company time and money to workers compensation claims and ergonomic related injuries. That’s why we developed our onsite injury prevention services for those within two hours of the Greater Twin Cities area of Minnesota, to help employers reduce the rate of work-related injuries and improve employee productivity.

The savings realized by employers through investing in onsite care is substantial. It is estimated that for every dollar spent, customers can save $2-$7 on healthcare costs.

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