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Why HR Professionals Partner With ErgoWorks

ErgoWorks knows that as an HR Professional, you want your company to be a trusted employer of happy, healthy employees. We understand the frustration of having to deal with a high number of employee injuries that often lead to: 

  • High healthcare costs 
  • Low employee job satisfaction 
  • High employee turnover rates 

Luckily, ErgoWorks can help. Our onsite ergonomics and injury prevention programs address employee discomfort early and effectively, preventing workplace injuries before they start. We can work with any business that resides within two hours of the Greater Twin Cities Metro area.  Give us a call today to discover how we can help you keep your employees happy and productive at work today!

Employees report a 65% reduction of soreness and discomfort from initial visit to close of care.

It’s time to create a culture of safety in the workplace. Work with a partner you can trust.