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Why HR Professionals Partner With ErgoWorks

ErgoWorks knows that as an HR Professional, you want your company to be a trusted employer of happy, healthy employees. We understand the frustration of having to deal with a high number of employee injuries that often lead to: 

  • High healthcare costs 
  • Low employee job satisfaction 
  • High employee turnover rates 

Luckily, ErgoWorks can help. Our onsite ergonomics and injury prevention programs address employee discomfort early and effectively, preventing workplace injuries before they start. We can work with any business that resides within two hours of the Greater Twin Cities Metro area.  Give us a call today to discover how we can help you keep your employees happy and productive at work today!

Happy Clients

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“My experience with Beth and Ergoworks has truly exceeded expectations. Beth's unwavering dedication to supporting our company's needs and her embodiment of our core values is truly remarkable. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure our success.

One standout example of Beth's commitment is her provision of engaging group education courses. These courses not only educate but also empower both our managers and employees to actively participate and share their valuable insights. This approach fosters a culture of collaboration and open dialogue within our organization.

 I cannot emphasize enough how thankful I am to have Beth and Ergoworks as our trusted injury prevention vendor. Her contributions have made a substantial positive impact on our company, and I eagerly anticipate our continued partnership.”

Wellbeing Partner | Packard Culligan Water

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"Both our incident rate and DART rate have reduced since we started our partnership with ErgoWorks. They offer viable solutions for employers, and I couldn’t ask for a more accommodating partner. ErgoWorks is a great company to work with."

HR Manager, Furniture Company

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"We have been extremely satisfied with the services ErgoWorks provides. Our company has utilized many of the services including onsite care for employee, ergonomic consultations, and job analysis. The onsite care is not only a wonderful tool for our employees during their visits, but ErgoWorks provides education on body mechanics to help employees outside of their visits. The ergonomic consultations have helped to identify opportunities that will allow our us to improve our employees work experience."

HR Generalist, Plastics Manufacturer

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"ErgoWorks is considered a valued partner by our Leadership Team in early identification of ergonomic concerns and for assisting in a pro-active return-to-work program that benefits employees and the company.  Beth and her team are true professionals, and they work alongside Safety, Operations and HR to assess how employees work so we can make improvements that reduce pain and strain.  Employees love having access to on-site treatment, and I believe this added benefit strongly supports a safe workplace culture and our priority for health and wellness within our plant."

HR Manager, Rubber Manufacturer

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"We have been working with Beth Mayotte and her team at Ergo Works for several years.  They have brought a new perspective and energy to our ergonomics, safety and company wellness culture.   We now have engaged employees that know if they are having pain while doing their job, they have an onsite free resource to help with the immediate problem, but also to problem solve how to resolve or move forward.  Beth and her team work hand in hand with our safety, operations and HR team to provide improvements to our assembly lines, production floor ergonomics and employee return to work program.  To the delight of the company, we have reduced OSHA recordable injuries, but most importantly we have improved the work environment for our employees."

Sr. Human Resources Manager, Rubber & Plastics Manufacturer

Employees report a 65% reduction of soreness and discomfort from initial visit to close of care.

It’s time to create a culture of safety in the workplace. Work with a partner you can trust.